Thai Highland Tea

Whether it is green tea, oolong, black tea, jasmine tea or the typical Thai red tea (popular as ice tea), there is a great variety of "real" teas grown in the mountains of Northern Thailand. And while black and jasmine tea are grown in a good standard quality, the grenn and particularly oolong teas reach top qualities that are sought after the world over and compare favourably with the best qualities grown elsewhere.

We work with several tea growers who are all of Chinese origin and have made it their ambition to produce the best possible quality. Needless to say that they grow their tea without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. As former Kuomintang fighters they have escaped the cultural revolution in China and settled in Northern Thailand to begin a new life with small tea plants of Taiwanese origin.

Even today, most of the tea growing area that was originally only accessible on foot can only be reached by 4WD, and only during the dry season. In the meanwhile, 2-3 generations after the arduous beginning, the plantations have reached significant sizes and the quality is excellent. Still for the best oolong tea qualities grown in Thailand there is more demand then supply.

We do not have standard sales units for "real" tea and supply/pack exclusively on request and under our customers' labels. Apart from the use in catering the tea makes excellent gift sets, eg with several different types packed in an attractive wooden box. A common package size for tea would be 50 or 100 g.

The inner packaging of the tea is usually in silver foil bags of 50 or 100 g contents with an airtight seal (different tea types and quality may have different volumes, so the weight can depend on the required package size). We can of course package completely according to our customers' instructions, also in tea bags (usually only the lower qualities are packed in tea bags).

Especially for Hotels we also offer to package teas of other origin (eg Sri Lanka or Japan), if a corpoprate package appearance is required for all their beverages.