Custom Production

In priciple all our products are custom productions, as they are made, packed and labeled to order. Our customers determine everything from the recipe over the selection of the packaging to the design of the labels.

Apart from the "standard" product groups described on other pages there are however other, perhaps more special areas that fit in our concept of "processing natural products", but which may have a somewhat smaller or more specialized market, and which may require some specialized manufacturing equipment. Examples for such products may be pesto just as well as chutneys or pickled fruit/veggies, vinegars, liqueurs or fruit wines.

As none of the mentioned examples are part of our standard product range, but all can be made, there are different conditions regarding feasibility, minimum quantities, delivery time etc.! If you are seriously interested in developing such products with us made from tropical fruit, we need your ideas regarding product type, quantities, packaging and production schedule, so we can work on feasibility and expected cost to carry out production.