Thai Honey

Despite its excellent quality Thai honey is little known in the world. This is partly due to the general import restrictions for honey in many countries, which the European Community has abolished only at the beginning of 2004, and partly due to the limited quantities that are available of the best qualities.

We are currently offering 3 varieties, which in purity and quality comply with any Western standard:

  1. Wildflower Honey

    This relatively "normal" honey is what most people would expect from a mild and neutral honey. It can be used for any application and is just as great on a breakfast roll as it is in a glass of hot lemon or tea.

  2. Longan Honey

    Its typical flavour is strong and unique. Because of its intense aroma it goes along well with rather neutral flavoured partners: eg ideal when dissolved in a glass of hot milk.

  3. Lychee Honey

    While for most honeys it is normal to get darker when they get older, the naturally light colour lychee honey is very stable in maintaining its colour. Its special, typical aroma is for universal use, not only on the croissant for breakfast.

Like our jam we fill honey into various jar sizes. From mini jars for catering and gift sets to larger jars of 120 ml (= 170 g), 275 ml (= 400 g), 720 ml (1 kg), special sizes and bulk packaging, any packaging is possible according to our customers' requirements. Of course special packaging can also be done in relatively small quantities and with special labeling. Please note however that honey may be temporarily sold out if demand exceeds. We can however during the season reserve the quantities required by our customers during the rest of the year, and therefore guarantee supply all year for those quantities booked in advance. Honey has an almost unlimited shelf life and does not require any preservatives. Since the beneficial vitamins contained in honey however deteriorate by about 50 % per year, it is recommended to use the honey within a year after it is "made".