Informationen for Consumers

As you can see from our product information, we manufacture most products to order. Since the minimum quantities for a production run are usually too much for use in a private household, many items are simply unavailable from us for consumers. There are however exceptions, which may be of particular interest for demanding gourmets among end users, as they open a unique source for rather unusual natural products!

  1. Coffee: Every true coffee lover and connoisseur will be excited to read on our coffee pages about the quality of our organic Highland Arabica, as well as about the possibilities of ultrafresh home roasting. Anyone can order direct, from anywhere in the world! Shelf life of our green coffee is 2 years without significant loss of aroma potential!
  2. Herbal Tea: For many years we have been selling exotic herbal teas direct to end users. In our online catalogue you can find some 50 different varieties, all with description and with the possibility to place an instant order. You should be aware that all herbal teas have a positive impact on health and well being, but that for most varieties the consumption for mere pleasure and enjoyment plays the major role. Just like most people know that the consumption of bananas and chocolate have a positive effect in case of diarrhoea, they know at the same time that both may well and without negative side effects be eaten by people who are perfectly healthy. Herbal tea should be looked at in the same manner, but they don't. And by the way "normal" tea started its career as medicine, and is now the most popular drink in the world. Interesting about herbal tea is the immense variety of flavours, from fruity to spicy/pungent, from sweet to bitter. They all allow for an unspoilt, caffeine free pleasure, also for children. By mixing 2-3 different varieties you may be able to create yourself your own preferred "signature blend" that is unique and unavailable in any shop. Shelf life of herbal tea is about 1-2 years.
  3. Jam & Honey: Unfortunately, due to the high weight of jam and honey, direct shipping of these products by airmail is very expensive. Should you nevertheless be interested and accept the high shipping cost, you should contact us direct with your request. We will check and confirm feasibility and cost, as well as any conditions or restrictions. Shelf life for jam and honey (unopened jars): 2 years after production date!
  4. Cocktail Nuts & Dried Fruit: Again please contact us direct in case you are interested in these products. To save weight we can package nuts and dried fruit also in foil bags. Shelf life: about 6 months after production/packaging.

With our products you have unusual and very personal possibilities to create gifts! Why not give away wooden boxes with 6 mini jars of exotic jam as Christmas presents - and with the text or logo of your choice engraved in the lid?