Exotic Fruit Juice & Fruit Salad

To mention it rightaway: We are no industrial volume producer of fruit juice (or in fact any other product). Our specialty is to produce to order in small quantities, to use fresh fruit only and to provide the best possible quality. Neither in price nor in capacity we are able to compete with industrial production, but on the other hand our quality is simply unavailable from any industrial producer. So if you need lowest prices or large volumes please look elsewhere!

If you look at the variety of fruit that grows in Thailand, you will quickly notice that automatic processing may only be possible for few of them. Each type of fruit requires a different way of peeling, pitting, cutting and juicing, but even if a processing by machine is possible it will go along with a substantial loss of quality. If you have ever seen the industrial processing of pineapple, it will make you appreciate processing by hand: regardless of any loss the pineapple is cut down to can size, with the most delicious part of the flesh close to the skin being cut away, and the less aromatic flesh close to the middle-stalk ending up in the can.

We produce juice as well as fruit salad or other fruit (eg chutney, pickled fruit etc.) preparations according to your instructions, but we are also happy to make proposals, depending on the expected use of the product. We assume you want something special from us, that is clearly distinguished from typical supermarket products - in both quality and appearance.

Example 1

Fruit Juice "Kiss of Thailand" in 275 ml jar for mini bar refrigerator. We have originally developed this product for a luxury resort in Thailand. As a blend of partly seasonal, 100% pure fruit juices, we see a product potential well beyond the borders of Thailand. In different ratios the juice of Thai tangerine, pomelo and pineapple are blended with a seasonal juice such as lychee or passion fruit. This juice will taste different in each season of the year, but in any case "tropical and delicious". Neither sugar nor any other additive is contained in this blend, which consists merely of freshly squeezed and pasteurized juice.

Example 2

Tropical fruit salad in 275 ml jar (but of course, like with juice any other jar size is possible). Suitable for mini bars as always ready to eat fruit snack, but also for sale in gourmet shops. This can contain a large variety of exotic fruit, including those which are usually not available in any canned fruit salad - the customer decides. An almost unlimited variety of combinatuion is available, and whether you want the fruit in pure juice, in syrup or honey, one thing applies for sure: no chemicals are added, just naturally preserved like grandma used to do it.