Information For Importers & Dealers Outside Thailand

The origin of our products lies in the demand we received form luxury hotels and resorts. Even our first export orders came from foreign importers who stayed at one of the top hotels in Thailand and tasted our products there. Of course the products themselves are our best reference, even though each flavour is nothing but a modest example for the endless variety of possibilities we have to design a natural gourmet product. Most of the actual product ideas come from our customers, while we only make proposals, give examples and advice. In case you like the idea to develop your own natural gourmet product, but have nothing specific in mind yet, we recommend the following steps that may help you to find the right thing:
  1. Product Information: Take yourself the time to read the information our website offers on the various product groups. Access the pages by clicking on the links on the left.
  2. Product Identification: Analyze, which product groups and products are most suitable for your target group of customers and for your means of distribution. Consider the possibility to test your market with 1-2 products.
  3. Product Presentation: Packaging sells! Many products sell well just because of their packaging. In our case however we also concentrate on perfect quality, because quality is responsible for repeated purchases. Important for packaging is, that it is not only attractive, but also somewhat unusual. Consider packing products in glass jars which are normally packed in polybags, consider carboard boxes which are covered with unusual paper, or solid wooden boxes with your logo "burnt" into the lid. We do not only make proposals for packaging and label, but usually we also provide original samples before you place your final order.
  4. Production Planning: As everything is made to order you have to consider a reasonable lead time. This has to be confirmed by us on a case to case basis, and it does not hurt to have some spare time just in case. Lead times can be (and usually are) dictated by conditions beyond our own control, such as particular fruit seasons, availability of particular packaging materials, limited capacities of our suppliers (eg printers) etc.!
  5. Order Volume: You may keep in mind that we can produce very small quantities, but that on the other hand the unit cost for production, packaging, printing and shipping goes significantly down for larger volumes. Also don't forget that in case of a perhaps unexpected sales success a reorder of a small quantity will once again require the same lead time and high production cost. And in case a particular fruit season has just been missed for a reorder, the new delivery time can be very long indeed.