Jam, Jelly, Marmalade

Quality is the most important factor: We only process fresh fruit. While the industrial manufacturers in Europe have to work with frozen fruit in order to keep their factory going 12 months a year, we have fresh fruit available in Thailand at any given time. Seasonal fruit is only processed during its season, but due to the long shelf life we can easily make the annual requirements our customers book for seasonal fruit.

We work with lass sugar than fruit, and we do not use any preservatives, colouring or flavouring agents. As jellying agent we use only natural Agar Agar or Pectin, depending on the variety and acidity of the fruit.

With more than 30 different fruit varieties suitable to make preserves, Thailand provides excellent raw materials for an outstanding selection. While some varieties may appear to be less suitable because of an extremely high or low level of acid, it is especially these fruit types which are used in fruit blends to create extraordinarily delicious jams. A very good example is the relatively sour, but highly aromatic passionfruit, mixed with low acid fruit of a somewhat less exciting flavour, such as papaya, mango or banana.

We can only list a small selection of flavours here, rather as examples. Generally we make all varieties or combinations according to our customers' requirement and if necessary according to our customers' recipes.

Pineapple, Chiang Mai Strawberry, Guava, Coconut, Longan, Lychee, Mango, Mango with Passionfruit, Papaya & Lime, Pina Colada (=Pineapple & Coconut), Thaiorange with Lime (Marmalade)

We do not make jam for direct sale to end users, but only to order for hotels, importers and dealers. While for hotels we are primarily using mini jars (contents about 30 g for one serving), we can on request fill any jar shape and size. In cooperation with our European glass jar suppliers we can also supply unusual jar sizes and even custom shapes.