Cocktail Nuts

Apart from cashew nuts, which are very typical for Thailand and even used for cooking in some of the most popular Thai dishes, macadamias and peanuts also grow in Thailand, complemented by sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds. By roasting and mixing these with herbs, spice, salt, dried fruit etc. an abundance of interesting snacks can be created. Originally developed as an unusual but typical Thai and excptionally delicious snack for mini bars of luxury hotels and resorts in Thailand, they are in the meanwhile also used as complimentary snack in hotel bars and for sale in gourmet shops. Without offering this product to the public we have had mailorder purchases from all over the world: Hotel guests who got to know the product in their hotel room and now wanted to reorder for themselves, their families and their friends!

We produce (roast) and package our cocktail nuts always fresh after receipt of an order. Because of this we can adjust/modify recipes for the individual customers: more or less spicy, more or less salty or sweet, X% cashews, Y% peanuts and perhaps Z% macadamias. Our most popular blends are:

  1. Tom Yam Cocktail Nuts

    This hearty mix of nuts, herbs and spices goes along extremely well with beer and most other drinks. It is a typical Thai product, but has never been produced and marketed on a commercial basis in supermarkets! We have taken the recipe for this product from a common family run production, refined it and omitted the sugar which is unfortunately present in abundance in most products in Thailand. The result is a unique and delicious snack.

  2. Nut & Fruit Mix

    This Thai reply to nuts and raisins makes nuts and raisings look pale: dried mangos, pineapple, longan and cantaloup mixed with cashews, peanuts and/or macadamias, rounded off by seeds of watermelon, sunflower and pumpkin and perhaps still with a couple of raisins. It tastes just as it looks: GREAT!

We usually pack our cocktail nuts for mini bars in 120 ml jars (contents about 50-60 g), for hotel bars in bulk (sealed in 250 g foil bags) or depending on the individual customer's requirements in other units.