Packaging - Wooden Boxes

Apart from our food products our special packaging enjoys an ever growing popularity. We succeeded in combining quality and individuality and thus created an unbeatable attractivity, which is now even appreciated by other manufacturers of gourmet foodstuffs who use our packging for their products. Whether it is precious balsamico vinegar, cold pressed extra virgin gourmet oils, exotic spices or finest chocolates: With our product presentation quality and exclusivity are visualized.

  1. Wooden Boxes: In our factory in Southern Thailand we manufacture top quality boxes made of solid parawood. the boxes can be marked with company logo, text or any single colour artwork that is applied (actually burnt - looks like engraved) by laser. The parawood used comes from rubber plantation that have to be replanted after the trees cease to produce latex. This means we use 100% replenishable wood, ie we do NOT touch the rainforest. The quality and finish of our boxes can be compared to top quality wooden toys, far too attractive to be thrown away once the contents have been used. Since we are extremely competitive in quality and capacity, we can offer custom made boxes not only for our own products but for anyone and any purpose. And apart from boxes any other wooden OEM products can be made (except inferior cheap qualities).
  2. Cardboard Boxes: Measure made to order, covered with sa-paper and with gold or silver stamping of your logo. Sa-paper is a specialty of Northern Thailand and is today still made by hand, even though sme special machine made qualities are now available as well.
  3. Glass Packaging: Apart from always available standard glass jars we offer our customers the possibility to select from a large range of special shapes and sizes of jars, plus the option to have an exclusive special shape manufactured by one of our competitive partners.
  4. Metal Cans: If the quantities are rasonable, we can have metal cans manufactured in Thailand. This is very competitive and includes multicolour printing if needed, however requires a minimum quantity of 30,000 pieces per size and design.
  5. Bags: For reasons of hygiene for many products in the food sector the use of plastic bags is indispensible, at least for inner packaging. From polybags in various qualities (PE, PP, OPP) and thicknesses, over silverfoil bags to large plastic sacks for bulk packaging just about everything is made in Thailand and available for packaging. For more unusual presentations we can also produce cotton, jute or silk bags, which again can be printed according to the customer's requirements.

We offer labeling, printing and marking of all packaging types, to make sure the attractive product presentation is associated with our customers' corporate identity. Our products are very suitable as corporate "signature" gifts, and from the 20 cent jam mini jar to the 200 Euro super gift hamper box our range also suits just about any budget!